Being a teenager sucks.  

There’s really no other way to put it than that.  As a teen you suffer a lot with social, academic, and physical changes imposed upon you by society.  And, if worrying about where you stand socially, how you’re doing in classes, and what the hell is happening to your body isn’t enough, you’ve got the added pressure of getting in to college.

Over the last few years, the amount of jobs requiring a college degree has risen dramatically.  Its a competitive job market out there and millenials are feeling the burn.  Being pelted with this idea their whole lives puts a great deal of stress on teens to do well in school in order to get in to a good college, receive a scholarship, and (hypothetically) be immediately offered their job.

These unrealistic expectations tend to cause self confidence issues.  Teens, who are already under enough pressure to discover their own sense of identity and decide who they want to be, often must cope with the ideals of their parents and the possibility that they could “fail” them.

So the question is: how do we learn to accept that maybe you won’t get in to your dream school.  Maybe you won’t decide what to major in right away, and maybe you won’t have the perfect college experience.  Do you try to accept it and “grow up”? Or do you choose to have enough courage to decide that maybe you should keep trying to find what fits, even if it takes longer than what’s deemed “socially acceptable”.



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