So you’ve done it.

After weeks of preparation and rigorous rehearsal you finally got to perform.

Now what. What do you do now that you’re through.  You will no longer get to see the majority of the people whom you work with (and have grown) to love on a daily basis. Some of them you may never see again.

This, to some, brings on what has (not)fondly been dubbed, post show depression, or PSD for short.

Those inexperienced in the life of a performer may be unfamiliar to this, while the rest know it all to well. It is, in its most bare form, a crash brought on by the lack of structure or companionship one faces after completing the final performance of a show.

It is emotional inertia, innevitable in nature and draining to the mind. Additionally PSD poses a challenge to its victim. Moving on.

A beloved show requires immeasurable courage and discipline to let go of, much like your pesky ex who seems to crop up everywhere most things tend to remind you of it. How one deals with this most often decides how long the victem will suffer.

In my experience, moving on is the only way to get through. Much like the loss of a person, moving on from an amazing show follows the stages of grief. Until you accept the change and move on, you remain a victem to the nostalgia of the show, that is, unless you get wrapped up in a new one.

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