Its no secret to anyone who knows me that I LOVE editing photos. I think it is a super easy way to make your content stand out from those around you. I’ve been editing my photos with certain apps since I first joined Instagram, but as of recent my style has seriously switched. A lot of my friends have asked if I would edit their photos, but as I do not have all the time in the world, I figured I would share how I do so here.


Whether you’re a true photographer or an amateur looking to upgrade your Instagram, you should be using Lightroom. Over the years I’ve come to realize rather than downloading photoshop or another expensive editing software, you can download the plethora of apps Adobe has put out that do the exact same thing.

Lightroom is great to adjust the light, color, and contrast of your photos. I especially like it to mix colors in photos. This is a super easy way to get a cohesive color theme if you do not want to overload your pictures with filters.

Adobe Sketch

Adobe Sketch is great if you like to doodle on your photos like I do. I’m sure you’ve seen the drip or word edits on Pinterest and VSCO, and Adobe Sketch makes it easy to create them because of one feature: layers. I’ve used other apps like PicsArt in the past for more intricate edits in the past and it can be tough to get into small spots with markers and erasers without messing up parts of the drawing.


Snapseed is a lot like Lightroom in the sense that you can tune images on it pretty easily. However, I like it a lot more for adjusting light balance in photos. You can also use the “heal” feature (for free!!) to correct any parts of your image you don’t want in the photo.


I got on the PicsArt train in seventh grade when I first got my Instagram. If I’m honest, I didn’t really know how to use it at the time, but now I use it for practically every image I post. PicsArt is great if you want to do less intricate doodles than Adobe Sketch, but mostly I love it for adding/creating stickers and superimposing pictures onto your images. I also use PicsArt to add things like flares to correct the lighting on photos that were taken at worse times of the day/night.

Gif Maker

Gifs are a super fun way to stand out as not a lot of people know they can make them. I like taking edits from some of the other apps on this list and putting them into this app, as Gif Maker allows you to create Gifs from photos and videos. Before posting these to Instagram, be sure to covert your gif to a video.


VSCO is becoming just as much a social media platform as it is an editing app, but I have yet to find an app that has better filters preset onto the app. Just like Snapseed and Lightroom, you can also tune your image manually. I spent several years as a devout user of the filter T1.

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