Though I really grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts, the first major city I ever got to go to was Boston. There’s a weird pressure when you go to a city in your state (or elsewhere) to not look like a tourist, and I think that’s dumb. Being a tourist is fun because at the end of the day, places become popular for a reason.

Some of my favorite things in Boston ARE the statehouse (of which I have a lot of PTA mom trivia about), Faneuil Hall at Christmas, the view from the Charles, etc.

With that said, as my time in Massachusetts runs out, I’ve been trying to enjoy whats left with my family and my state. My brother is a photographer, so we thought this weekend would be the perfect time to get out into the city.

We started our afternoon out traveling into the city on the red line, which, if you’re from the city or you’ve taken the T, you know how much of nightmare that can be. Sweaty and starved, we headed to Newbury St (aka the homeland), where we proceeded to grab a late lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury.

We then grabbed ice creams at Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream and proceeded to waltz through Beacon Hill. I love looking at the roofs of homes in Beacon Hill because for some reason a lot of them seem to have tumblr esque designs that I certainly repinned in the eighth grade.

Drifting across the footbridge, we stopped on the dock to look out at the (take pictures) skylines of Cambridge and Boston. The park was in full gear for a mindfulness triathlon called Wanderlust, and I had a great time informing everyone that LaCroix (one of the evert sponsors) is technically illegal in Massachusetts.

Leaving the park, we headed back toward Boston Common, and I walked back and forth in front of these people’s houses a couple times before we hopped back on the T and headed home.

shoes. jeans (similar). shirt. purse. sunglasses. necklace

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