This year is one of the first in several years that I’ve been genuinely excited to go back to school. Usually its less of a want for routine and more of a need mental health wise, so it’s a little strange for me to be so ready for university. That said, I’ve been gearing up for what feels like forever to leave for school, and my backpack is no different. What’s inside?

one. two. three (similar). four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve.

My Backpack

I’ve been using the same backpack for a while now. My mom got me the classic Borealis backpack from North Face a few years ago and then we got it monogrammed. Monogramming things is a great way to keep track of what’s yours in college, especially when everyone has the exact same black bag


When it comes to being organized, I need to see everything written out on paper, otherwise the mess of thoughts in my head is just going to overwhelm me and I’ll never get anything done. I’m a firm believer in the power of a planner, and after years of trying out different styles and methods of planning, I can say that I prefer Lilly Planners above all else. I used the large style agendas my first two years of high school and then experimented with some planners from TJ Maxx and Band.o the last two, but this year I’ve gone back to a Lilly Pulitzer agenda in the jumbo size. I need a massive amount of space to plan for the blog and an eighteen credit symester of college, so the notebook size of this agenda works great for my lifestyle.

I also make sure to never go to far from my post planning notebook. Mine is a hardcover Eccolo journal my sister purchased me years ago, and while the notebook has seen better days, it keeps my work at least somewhat coherent.

Pencil Case

I love using the Lilly Pulitzer agenda bonus packs as pencil cases. They’re colorful, fairly durable, and fit exactly what I need. I stuff my pencil case to the brim with my compulsive need to be prepared. Colorful pens are the lifeblood of my studying, currently I’m loving Papermate’s gel pens. On the same note, I can’t attend a class without multicolored highlighters. (And yes, I am 100% type A enough to match the pens to the hightlighter) Mechanical pencils have been my favorite option for years now, but I always keep some ticonderoga’s on me for tests.

School Supplies

Obviously I have to lug my textbooks around, but aside from that, I like using notebooks and a large zip accordion folder to organize my papers. Depending on the class, its pretty common to get a lot of handouts from professors in college. Also, some teachers require you to take notes on paper so if you’re new to college I recommend getting a notebook for every class. If you aren’t required to use it, rewriting typed notes into a notebook is a great way to study for class.

Loose items

I try to spend as much time as I can on the more academic parts of campus. Most of the down time I have with my friends is spent in my room, so it’s hard to feel like I can get any serious work done in there. This means that I have a lot of random items that I need in my room at any given occasion. Such items include:

If you’re going back to school this fall, good luck! And if you have any tips for college survival be sure to shoot me a comment below.

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