Adjusting to living in a small place can be overwhelming for even the most neat of neat-freaks. I live in a “split double” at Syracuse, meaning there’s almost an entire wall in between my roommate and I. I have the TV on my side, and because of this, I have to do a lot of extra cleaning.

Move In

You never know who lived in your dorm before you. People are gross, so before move in I made sure to clean clean clean. Vacuuming and dusting is essential, and if you’re going to use command strips, you had better make sure your walls are clean. so I recommend wiping them down with some sort of chlorox wipe.


  • Make bed- this makes all the difference. I try to make my bed before class, but if I’m running late I make it a point to do it when I get home
  • Put away clothes in hamper- clutter fills up quick in the dorm
  • Wash dishes- man I miss sinks. Dishes get gross if not handled immediately, so I try to not slack on this
  • Pick up loose items- people can and will leave your room messier than they found it. The sooner everyday clutter is handled, the better
  • Fill Brita- man I miss sinks part two. You never want to be the roommate who leaves the Brita filter empty and the other is left to fill it up whenever they need water.


  • Wash clothes, sheets, and towels- some people might say doing this so frequently is excessive, but I do not like letting things build up. The sooner things are out of the hamper and back in the drawers, the better.
  • Dust- I have ~allergies~
  • Wipe down surfaces- you never notice how many drinks have been spilled on your furniture until you take a chlorox wipe to your desk
  • Take out trash- people are always putting their stuff in my trash, so it fills up fast
  • Vacuum- I still have ~allergies~
  • Clean off desk- over the course of the week, my desk gets pretty cluttered. Aside from every day pickup, I usually clean papers and study materials that may have piled up.
  • put away clothes- it can be hard to find things in such a small space, and making sure your clothes are back in their specific spot can really make a diff


  • Wash bedding- my mom stopped doing my laundry when I was six, so I’m used to having to remember this, but if you’re not, don’t be nasty. Clean your sheets.
  • Wipe microwave and fridge- there have been many times when spills have happened in my microwave and fridge and I haven’t noticed. Its good to be in the habit of wiping them down just to be safe.
  • Clean windows- windows can get gross.
  • Go through fridge- living off dining hall food, it isn’t hard to forget things are in there. I always like to check just to make sure there’s no fruit going bad or anything like that

Happy cleaning!

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