I used to spend a lot of time imagining my life at college. What would it be like? Who would i hang out with? What would I do?

I’m a huge planner. I need something to work towards. If I don’t know my direction in life, I tend to just get nothing done. Sometimes that really bites me in the butt, but for college this was a huge asset. My transition has been made so much easier because I have become my own advocate.

Get involved in clubs early. I did a lot or research on what organizations Syracuse had to offer. Chances are, your school’s organizations will have websites, social media, etc. Stalk them. Find out how to get involved because clubs and activities are a fantastic way to make friends.

Don’t bank on being friends with your roommate/ floormates. Don’t get me wrong, I love my roommate, (hi if you’re reading this Erin) but I know a lot of people who struggled the first few weeks to feel like they fit in because they assumed they would just find their friends. Sometimes that happens, but sometimes you have to find them. Getting involved, talking to people in classes, and making yourself known in those stupid facebook pages and groupme’s can help you find your people.

Find what study space works for you. As Pinterest perfect as your dorm may be, your phone, laptop, and TV may make it pretty distracting. Maybe you work best in the library, at a coffee shop, in a school designated study space, or maybe you DO work best in bed. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Work ahead. At least for me, college has given me way more free time than high school ever did. I won’t lie and say I don’t ever procrastinate in college and it would be hypocritical of me to tell you not to. However, I will say that a lot of the first few weeks of school is bonding with the people who will become your new friends, so try and get your homework for the next day done in at least the afternoon. You don’t want to miss group movie time because you have an essay to write.

Try new things. It’s normal to want to settle into a routine when you get to school, but there is a danger of settling into a rut. Syracuse offers events called Orange After Dark that has activities like ice skating and movies every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Don’t stay in the campus bubble. You want your school to feel like a home, but home is somewhere you come back to, not the only place you’re allowed to be.

Everyone’s transition is different. Every school is different. It is normal to think you are the only one struggling, but trust me, everyone else is just as scared. We’ll get through this together.

What I’m wearing: shirt- H&M, pants- TJ Maxx, jacket- thrifted, shoes- DSW

Photos by https://www.instagram.com/skydavphotography/

One thought on “A Freshman’s Guide to the College Transition

  1. Hi Kelly, I’m just wondering if you have an email where I could reach you? I wasn’t able to find anything on your blog, but I would love to hear if you’re open to collab? If so, feel free to write directly to me at olivia@blogerize.com if you don’t want to publish your email here in the comments 🙂 Thanks!

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