I’m pretty open about the fact I have a crippling addiction to making Spotify playlists. The current total is somewhere around 115. Needless to say I listen to a lot of music. If you had talked to me a few years ago this would be the end of the post.

I hated the idea of podcasts for a while, and then one day I had to listen to a podcast for class on triage during Hurricane Katrina, and I was hooked. Here’s some of my favorites.

To stay informed:

Pod Save America

Pod Save America is the anchor podcast from Crooked Media, a company started by three former Obama White House staffers, so while it is not unbiased, it’s hilarious. Pod Save America is politics by and for politics nerds, so if you need someone to scream into the void with at the state of the nation, this is the one for you.

Up First

Up First is a podcast from NPR that lasts roughly 15 minutes. If you don’t like having to read the news but you want to stay up to date on everything going on, its super easy to pop on during your morning commute.

For some lifestyle inspiration

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is the brainchild of Youtuber Gretchen Geraghty and a lot of spin classes. If you need someone to give you some big sister advice, Gretchen is perfect for you. I started watching Gretchen’s Youtube videos when she was still a student at BU, and she just radiates joy.

Manifest with Tori DeSimone

Manifest also comes from an old school Youtube lifestyle guru. Better known as Tori Sterling, Tori DeSimone is an influencer and spin studio owner from Pennsylvania. Happy Hour and Manifest have a similar vibe, but if you need more of a kick in the butt I recommend Tori’s no-nonsense yes-you-can attitude.

Schnitt Talk

Self dubbed Messy Bitches Anonymous, Schnitt Talk might be my favorite podcast on this list. Schnitt talk is a Barstool Sports podcast hosted by the final boss of sorority girl twitter herself, Ellie Schnitt. Primarily focused on relationships and college life, I have been known to blurt out “theres a Schnitt Talk episode for this” in sticky situations.

For the pop culture junkie

Gals on the Go

This one is more of a pop culture/lifestyle double hitter, but I listen to a lot of lifestyle podcasts and GOTG has a mini episode dedicated to pop culture so here we are. Gals on the Go is cohosted by beauty bloggers Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan. While sometimes their advice can feel a little ~out of touch~ the girls genuinely seem to be trying their best, making the podcast an enjoyable listen no matter the topic

Chicks in the Office

Another one from Barstool Sports, (yeah I feel iffy about barstool too its chill) cohosts Ria and Fran recap everything in the world of pop culture from the Bachelor to celeb drama. They also have an interesting relationship with the Jonas Brothers, so… there’s that.

When you need a laugh

Ask Iliza Anything

Iliza Schlesinger is one of my favorite stand up comedians right now, and I love getting to hear her just spitballing with her assistant. On the podcast, Iliza takes questions from her listeners. Thats legitimately the entire pitch, and yet somehow it works.

Tiny Meat Gang

If you’re on TikTok, there’s no way you haven’t heard Viners turned Youtubers turned musicians Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s “rap” group Tiny Meat Gang, but if you’re not listening to their podcast, you’re missing out. Cody and Noel are brutally funny and you never know what topic they’re going to tackle next.

For the curious listener

Hot and Bothered

Ok I promise this isn’t a porn podcast. Hot and bothered is for the romance junkie, and takes the listener along as host Vanessa Zoltan’s friends are encouraged to write romance novels as therapy??? I don’t even know just listen its amazing.

Dolly Parton’s America

Ok so unless you’re from the south you’re probably like “Kelly I don’t care that much about Dolly Parton.”

To that I say, neither did I until I listened to a snippet of Dolly Parton’s America on Radio Lab, an amazing podcast from the same company. In a weird way, this is one of the most intersectional podcasts I’ve ever listened to, examining the culture surrounding Dolly Parton and the ways in which it impacts the world. I binge listened to this on the ride home from school in December and I was changed.

Happy Listening!

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